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About the restaurant

The Cheese Bar started life as The Cheese Truck, a bright yellow VW Camper turned into a beloved street-food operation, appearing at London food markets and music festivals and winning people over with its decadent toasted sandwiches. Soon after came the opening of The Cheese Bar in Camden Stables Market, a restaurant specialising in beautiful cheeses and small plates, with more venues opened since.

The Cheese Bar’s unfussy, casual-feeling dining room is about what you’d expect from a venue rooted in street food, with high bench-style seating that suits popping in to graze, rather than spending hours. Exposed brick and low-hanging filament lights complete the look.

It’s obvious what the name of the game is here, although there is a selection of non-dairy plates too. Generally speaking, though, the menu options suit people crazy about cheese, with everything from fondue and raclette to British-made burrata in addition to the range of toasties the brand is so well known for.

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The Infatuation

As the bar in the name suggests, this is more of a quick bite spot rather than anything more, and it’s best to keep things simple with sandwiches and sticks, as other dishes tend to underwhelm.

Time Out

Cheese is basically the new booze, but now the people behind street food legend The Cheese Truck have gone and made it official by opening The Cheese Bar.


The Red Leicester ‘crisps’, fried shavings of cheese, should be legally mandated bar snacks'

The Nudge

The venue itself is surprisingly sleek and modern-looking, a stark contrast from the comfort-eating, huddle-under-a-blanket-on-the-sofa vibe that cheese dishes tend to carry with them.