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Chef-patron Ben Tish established himself as the executive chef of the Salt Yard Group in the 2010s, where he developed the group’s style of elegant, Mediterranean-inspired small plates and charcuterie across restaurants Salt Yard, Opera Tavern, Ember Yard and Dehesa. After leaving the group, he became culinary director of The Stafford hotel, but also launched Norma on Charlotte Street.

The food at Norma is inspired heavily by Tish’s travels through southern Italy and his love of the Moorish food culture of southern Europe. There’s a raw bar serving an excellent prawn crudo, and grilled meats and fish to complement a raft of freshly made pastas.

The dining room balances opulence with cosiness: comfy booths that are made for whiling away a couple of hours over a long dinner, but high ceilings, marble and impressive ceiling installations make for a luxurious ambience that doesn’t verge too far into outright luxury.

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Critic reviews

The Guardian

There is no question: I went into Norma hoping for the best. I always do. Happily, this one delivers on the potential of all those involved. It was that joyous thing: a new restaurant genuinely worth being excited about.


Beguiling Sicilian with walloping flavours entices repeated indulgence

The Infatuation

The thing is, when we first went to Norma we had a great meal. We like to think of that evening as a happier time.

The Telegraph

We’d loved the design – the mysterious pools of light, the nooks and crannies, the plush play of textures – and, apart from Maudlin Mickey the Melancholy Monkfish, we’d loved the food, too: anchored in a sense of place but not overly weighed down by authentocratic pieties – free to play around, to delight, to seduce.